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İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre is a public charity, non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation established in 2009.

İstanbul Cultural and Arts Centre will be active in promoting Turkish Culture in Australia and facilitating understanding and interaction between the Turkish-Australian community and other ethnic communities.

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İstanbul is a city where more than 10 million people with various backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures live together in peace. It is a city that connects the continents of Europe and Asia via its many bridges. It is a meeting place where new ideas and concepts from both continents intermingle on a stage provided by the beautiful historic hills of a city decorated with monuments of former super-powers.

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Istanbul Culture & Arts Centre organizes traditional and classic Turkish music concerts on regular basis. The centre also has a classical Turkish music choir which meets regularly on weekly basis. Turkish classical music is composed with various Ottoman and western instruments. Some Ottoman instruments unique to Turkish classical music are: Kanun, Tanbur, Ud, Kopuz, Miskal, Kemence and Ney.

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The taste of Anatolia comes alive once again at the Docklands Waterfront Melbourne on 6 December 2014. The popular event includes live concerts from international and local artists, live art exhibitions, folk dances, whirling dervishes, oil wrestling, and replicas of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, Ottoman and Seljuk gates and the most popular Trojan Horse. It is an event for the whole family and Melbournians from all cultural backgrounds. Come and indulge yourselves with exotic cuisines from the Anatolian kitchen and live entertainment. Istanbul Culture and Arts Centre in collaboration with Melbourne International Business Association invites all Melbournians to participate in this family event that attracts more than 70,000 visitors each year.  Click here for the 2013 event flyer...

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Language and Culture Festival is an international event held annually in 135 nations of the world. Students at different ages and levels compete in various categories such as literature, poetry, music, folklore, presentation, language and special talents. Turkish Olympics have been held for the past 10 years. The Australian Final of the 12th Turkish Olympics will be held on 7.30 pm, Saturday, 7 December at Serenity Reception, 250 Hume Hwy, Somerton. The event attracts over 2,000 people who enjoy an evening of entertainment with songs, poems and comedy sketches. This event is proudly organized by Istanbul Culture & Arts Centre.

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Istanbul Culture and Arts Centre proudly presents Group Nida, a popular Turkish pop group from Sydney, Australia. Group Nida will be performing on Sunday, 7 September 2014 at Penola College, Performing Arts Centre, 7.00pm. Group Nida concert organised by Istanbul Culture and Arts Centre will be a fundraiser for orphans. So, if you love Turkish pop music and would like to support orphan children come and join the fun at Penola College on 7 September for a memorable evening. Concert tickets $25. The tickets outlets are on the poster and tickets can also be purchased at the door.  View Poster   Video


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